About Us


This is our mantra as Paddle Boards U.S. Our lives are defined by our love for life in and out of the water, and we hope to spread our passion by connecting quality boards with riders of all experience levels at unbeatable prices!

We launched Paddle Boards U.S. with the expertise & experience of over a century of cumulative  water sports knowledge and know-how. Our team is comprised of veteran paddle board professionals that have the support of the world’s largest manufacturer of iSUPs or inflatable Standup Paddle Boards. We've seen the best the world has to offer and our mission is to bring these exceptional global brands back home to the USA.

Through strong relationships with some of the world's biggest inflatable SUP brands, we will be bringing the best of the best luxury iSUPs to US markets. Because of our connections in the industry, we are able to provide direct from factory prices with globalized customer service & warranty. 


  • Connect the Paddle Board Market Globally - paddle boards are relatively newer to the US market, but there are dozens of global brands with rich histories and years of experience that we have worked with in the past. We want to bring this tribal knowledge back home and continue to grow this fun and booming sport.
  • Quality Over Quantity - we are highly deliberate about the brands that we chose to bring to the market. Some paddle board retailers just carry as many boards as they can fit on their website without truly standing by their products. Here at Paddle Boards U.S., we've hand-picked each of the products for sale on our site because we would ride them. We stand by our inventory as the best in the business.
  • Best Price Promise - with a history of being the world's largest manufacturer in inflatable Standup Paddle Boards, we have cultivated unique relationships with the world's most premiere SUP brands. Because of that, we are able to promise the best price available for our products. We offer a FREE board to anyone who can find a better price on the same board. 
  • Globalized Customer Service - if there is one thing that's echoed true over our years in business is that a happy customer is the best way to grow your brand. At Paddle Boards U.S., we always put the customer first, and that means extended Customer Service.


With 70% percent of all SUP sales being inflatable, many people ask "why?" To us, the answer is easy. You can pack up an inflatable standup paddle board with ease and take it with you to wherever your next adventure lies. Storage is a breeze, meaning you can easily keep your board in the tiniest of apartments or beach houses without worrying about taking up space.